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We are competitive intelligence experts able to tackle the most basic to seemingly impossible.

We don’t just provide data.  We help our clients frame their business and information needs; then scour public and proprietary networks to frame critical knowns and unknowns; fill-in the hard to find blanks; and deliver “eye-opening,” strategic intelligence and actionable business recommendations. We do our best to simplify the complex and where possible provide visuals to distill complex concepts, processes and data streams to help you and your team arrive at consensus and action.

Among the business intelligence challenges we’ve solved:

Eco-system/Market Mapping

  • Creation of industry money movement models of the global petroleum, shipping, and broker/dealer industries. (Client: Heads of Sales & Operations)
  • Market mapping and value chain analysis briefings on the global financial services landscape. (Client: Head of Strategy)
  • Market sizing/Offer Validation

Industry Benchmarking, Competitive Analysis

  • Competitive positioning and best in class comparative of global executive MBA education providers in innovation and technology space. (Client: Dean/Executive Director)
  • Compare and contrast revenue, service and sales models of leading professional services firms. (Client: Professional Services Firm, Executive Committee)
  • Market segmentation and areas of growth in the wealth management industry. (Client: Heads of Product Management/Sales/Marketing)

Strategic Partners/Due Diligence

  • Acquisition candidate suitability review of an online, small business benefits provider. (Client: CEO)
  • Identification and prioritization of acquisition candidates in the investment management analytics space matching a specific criteria. (Client: CFO)

Sales Strategy/Support

Our solutions range from providing qualified leads to staging global strategies. See Sales Acceleration


For more examples of our work, see

Acquisition Sourcing & Due Diligence

Design Offer. Market Validation.

Brand Perception/Positioning

Commercialization Plan

Competitive Strategic Shift

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