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Project Design, Leadership, and Execution.

Marketing For those seeking to better understand and connect with right customers and influencers, at the right time, with the right message and solution. Marketing Solutions
Strategic Leadership Company Strategy/Execution For those senior managers charged with creating shareholder value and open to new strategies and productivity ideas for growth. Value Creation
Sales Role Sales and Client Relations For those executives responsible for growing the business organically via sales and strategic account management/client relations or seeking new distribution channels/partners. Accelerate Sales
Information Collaboration Customer Experience/Design For those seeking more market/competitive context, research validation, workflow understanding and ethnographical insight to service and application design. Customer Value Creation
Knowledge Management Role Strategic Intelligence/Collaboration CXO’s especially CIOs, CMOs, who seek to leverage process and technology to harvest, harness, and optimize the intellectual power and know-how of many in and outside the organization.Knowledge Management Solutions.
Business Investor and Advisor Investors/Business Advisors Private Equity/Venture Capital investors, Turnaround Specialists, Other Financial/Legal/Advisors. Investor/Advisor



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