Simplyfing Value Proposition and Brand

Executive Summary

Synthesized product marketing budgets and strategies of five separately managed businesses and nine brands into one meaningful industry leading corporate enterprise solution.
Client: Enterprise software and IT solutions firm

Business Challenge

A leading global software and technology processing firm had acquired five entrepreneurial firms with the intent to provide a comprehensive wealth management enterprise solution. Each of the five had separate P&L, leadership and marketing strategies which created marketing disconnect and inefficiencies. The CEO sought a solution to help everyone in the organization to recite a single clear message and execute from the same playbook.


Business leaders held varying interpretations of customer value and product line/mix relevancy. They also didn’t want to be told how to spend their marketing dollars. All wished to improve top of mind with customers, industry analysts, and desired tools and momentum to drive sales growth.


  • Conducted competitive analysis/research study to identify key customer pain points.
  • Designed and implemented an objective 360 degree stakeholder analysis to discern perception of the Firm.
  • Tested value proposition and received feedback from:

– Internal product/marketing , sales and leadership teams.

– Clients, prospects, sales.

– Industry analysts/media.

  • Simplified and crafted new brand architecture and communications platform/strategy
  • Re-engineered marketing strategy and spend practices to enhance ROI.

– Reduced trade/event spending by 80%. •

  • Drove Thought Leadership and Market Recognition.

– Opened new thought leadership venues and networked effectively to gain leadership positions/speaking opportunities within leading professional associations.


Value/Impact Provided

  • More resonating and easily understood value proposition
  • New marketing communication and sales enablement tools,
  • Streamlined and targeted thought leadership and public relations programming.

Market Credibility: These efforts resulted in company’s movement from below average to top leadership rankings by leading software analysts : Forrester, Aite, and Celent, in period of less than 12 months.