Finding and Selecting An Acquisition Partner.

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Executive Summary

Identified, sourced and vetted a best-in-class equity research analytics solution for institutional investment and asset management firms.

Client: Global Custody/Securities Firm

Business Challenge

CFO of multi-million dollar custody firm sought revenue producing, client value via acquisition to fill-in organic growth gap in mature, asset value dependent securities firm. Analyzing Options Insights

Analyzed pending acquisition propect and suggested that it was less than optimal for following reasons:

  • Technology/software sophistication and underpinning content accuracy/timeliness.
  • Time to re-build bankrupt business to revenue generation.
  • Brand/Name recognition and market data licensing agreements.



  • Developed industy analysis, pinpointed best-in-class benchmark criterion, and isolated top 3-5 candidates with detailed comparatives.
  • Presented equity research analytic candidate recommendations to CFO, gained go ahead to pass on initial company and pursue/further evaluation of other better candidates.
  • Cultivated C-Level and venture capital relationships at target acquisition companies.
  • Led due diligence team of fifteen, including legal and investment banking team members.
  • Presented business case to senior management; worked with mergers & acquistions financial modeling team to come up with evaluation, bid, and negotiations strategy.



Convinced management to bypass a low return-on-investment, ROI, opportunity and sourced, initiated and built client’s relationship with targeted industry leader.

Delivered two approved acquisition candidates during same calendar year in portfolio targeted investment spaces.



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