Creative, Fact-Based, Marketing & Sales Strategies that Deliver Business Results

  • Product Design and User Experiences: to Attract and Engage Customers.

  • Marketing Analytics and Customer Strategies : to Pinpoint and Grow the most Profitable Customer Relationships.

  • Multi-channel Acquisition, Retention and Growth Strategies and Methods: that Deliver Measurable Results.

Marketing isn’t just about noise, flash and colorful presentations.  It’s about connecting to and making a lasting impression with customers. It’s about having a dynamic and sustainable value proposition that is consistent across multiple channels and mediums, including digital, in person and mobile.  In our view, Marketing is also all about experience,  knowledge, and creativity around selecting the right communication methods and technology tools to gain a significant marketing return on investment (ROI).   We are transparent about that in our planning, budget recommendations, implementation and results measurement.

Marketing Strategy Overview

  • We are very analytical and return on investment–focused. We deploy programs and tactics that connect to a market-validated strategy and can be measured against not only marketing metrics, but also how they support and add impact to the strategic business objectives of the organization.
  • We dig into the trenches and partner with sales to achieve their goals and suggest new and different ways to create branding and market credibility, often doing something new and creative that no one in the market has thought of. If we find that sales are stalled, or adoption rates are low, we talk directly to the source and find out what customers are thinking, needing.
  • We Go Way Beyond Just Buzz. We Add Substance and Staying Power.

Most marketers are good at communicating a message, but few are skilled at linking that message to what product or experience customers really want and test the validity of the company’s offer.  We’ve always been customer-centric and actively involved in the process of creating and communicating value.

We are also known for our ability to create an industry “buzz.” We just work harder to make sure that the buzz goes both ways – between you and the customer. Our aim is to make sure it sticks and is sustainable throughout the lifetime of your relationship with your customer.

Strategic Customer Management

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  • Understanding Needs
  • Solving Unfulfilled Problems
  • Engaging Partnerships
  • Managing Relationships

Among the many ways we can help you:

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