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Middle Market Re-Calibration. Becoming a StartUp Again An interesting blog posting about how a middle market company reinvented itself. Namely, it began to become more nimble and thoughtful about its growth strategy. The company TrinTech decided that it needed the time and discipline to aggregrate and integrate various acquisitions that it had made over recent […]

Techcrunch puts Venture Capital into Wealth Perspective. “Venture capital is a single star amid the entire Milky Way of capital, and it is truly a rounding error of the total wealth of the world, or even the wealth that is managed by investment firms.”  Find full length article here: http://techcrunch.com/2014/06/21/three-realities-about-venture-capital/ The Googles, Facebook’s of the […]

Texas “Spurs” Nation’s Growth. That’s Right, Made in Texas! For most in the technology and health care investment community, Texas is widely known as home to top leading private equity firms such as Carlyle, Texas Pacific Group, and Essex Woodlands. This article provides a new insight into what parts of the country are capturing the largest […]

Pros and Cons of Private Investors. In many entrepreneur circles venture capital is considered the “holy grail,” to commercial success. However for many entrepreneurs the reality is that they are better off funding their own business and growing at a pace that is comfortable to them. Management Autonomy Most entrepreneurs take personal pride in what […]

Quick Efficiency Gains with Integrated CRM, ERP, CPQ and Contract Management Why Every Company Should Integrate Contract Management with ERP, CRM, and CPQ – Spend Matters This article reminds us of a recent professional services client who leapfrogged ahead by understanding how marketing can better connect to the business through the use of the right […]

Sourcing and Structuring a Board. Few companies grow to any significant scale without the power and insight of an outside board. No matter how great a product or business may seem, outside advice is imperative to growing and scaling a business. Board members add subject matter expertise, experience in handling adversity, as well as, multiple […]

Starting with an End in Mind. For some companies intellectual property protection is an after thought, but both the legal and merger and acquisitions community will suggest that it should be an early, initial priority. As the U.S. becomes a “first to file,” country, companies that may have invented something that is seemingly propreitary, will […]

Envisioning and Enabling Change Visual Teams – David Sibbert. The author is a master at meeting facilitation. This book encapsulates the teachings of organization development, design, and interactive communications and story-telling and distills these principles into new creative and productive methods for managing teams and solving complex problems. Learn how we can help your organization […]

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Achieving Effective Visual Design. Information Dashboard Design by Stephen Few. This book is much more advanced than any book about the basics of user interactive web design. This is about distilling complex information – creatively, and to multiple-levels and points of aggregation to concise labeling, messaging. This is distinctly for knowledge users and managers seeking to […]

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Jive, a market leader, announces its IPO. Despite opinions on which firm is the reigning market leader, Jive’s initial public offering, rubber-stamps the fact that the category is important, robust, and growing. Many of Jive’s competitors are private companies, although IBM is also a strong player with IBM Connections and by some definitions Microsoft might be […]