Innovation Strategies

Customer Centric Thinking, Process, and Product Design


Growth Catalytics can provide organization’s with creative process and disciplined rigor needed to capture exponential growth.


Innovation takes shape in many forms – a new product, a new process, a new way of thinking.

Creative Collaboration

We ascribe to the value of all of these, because without an entire organization thinking about innovation, your company risks obsolescence. It is importance to harness your organization’s creative thinking and bring it forward in a productive, collaborative and results-oriented process. That’s where we can help.

We’ve build greenhouses, idea funnels and processes and helped shape, coach and bring numerous ideas to market. We can help you create similar programs, so that you don’t miss things and that you give the right things the right resources and power to grow.

Beyond the creation of a great idea it takes market timing and careful forethought and orchestration to effect a successful launch. The depth of planning needed is akin to a merger integration. Planning and communication is key and all key players need to be involved across multiple functions e.g. technology, marketing, finance, operations, sales to create and communicate a sustainable success story.


How We Add Unique Value:

Innovation is both an art and science. Few have the strong project management and collaborative talents that we do to help bring the best of both left and right brain thinking together to deliver measurable business results.

We not only have experience in co-creating new multi-million $ products with customers and bringing them to market, but we’ve also saved a client millions, by noticing the finer details to a market launch.

We helped a retail consumer-packaged-goods client move beyond a product launch strategy that focused exclusively on creative content, promotion, media, production elements, to also being concerned about how this launch would effect what was currently stocked on warehouse and store shelves. We were able to step in and save them millions in lost inventory costs by presenting them with a staggered distribution strategy that also enabled them to meet their published launch date.

New Product Evaluation Process

  Our advisory and implementation capabilities include:

• Ideation/Concept Design/Validation

• Competitive/Value Chain Analysis

• Business Design/Commercialization


Case Studies of Our Work


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