Why Intellectual Property is a Critical Factor from Start Up to Exit

Starting with an End in Mind.

IP protectionFor some companies intellectual property protection is an after thought, but both the legal and merger and acquisitions community will suggest that it should be an early, initial priority. As the U.S. becomes a “first to file,” country, companies that may have invented something that is seemingly propreitary, will not be protected by simply proving that they are the inventor. ┬áNot being the first to file means mean that your business is at risk for potentially millions in valuation when it comes time to value and/or sell their business. Intellectually property strategy is also important during the lifetime of your business, as competitors can enter and mime your offering, at any time. ┬áThe mobile industry is witness to that and HTC, Samsung, and Apple can attest to that challenge.

This article lays out a wake up call to those emerging growth and middle market companies that are potentially deficient or need more attention to this critical area.


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