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Business Renewal and Turn around

Thinking Out of the BoxAll organizations, especially those with stalled growth or mature businesses, should regularly take a step back and critically think outside of their box. The only thing certain is that things will change over time.   It is critical that companies adapt their business model to customer and industry changes taking place in and around their ecosystem.

Often enough companies at this stage have been working so hard at scaling their business and processes, that they haven’t been able to take a fresh, objective look around them and realize that the market or competitive environment has changed and the rules for success have changed.

We are the perfect partner and skillful facilitator to help analyze and visually  think through your options, with you and help you get “unstuck,” and growing again.  We can do this in a discrete fashion looking at a particular arm of your business, or, think more broadly, with the executive heads of the business to analyze, ready and informatively shape your future.

Our Strategic Facilitative and Hands-On Analytical Capabilites include:

  • Customer/Product Profitability
  • Value Chain Analysis
  • Strategic Planning
  • Innovation Strategy & Programming
  • Client Visioneering Roundtables

Case Studies

Building an Enterprise-wide Innovation Process

Capturing an Untapped Global Expansion Opportunity

Organic Growth: Commercializing a New Business

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