Start-Up Stage

Start-Up/ Growth Mature Revitalization


How We Help You Up the Growth Curve:

Business and Operating Plan Execution

Key Challenges You May Face: Managing Your Cash Burn Rate

Ways We Can Help

We help these companies, hands-on, by filling in their resource gaps or in an consultative capacity to sort through options and make the hard, smart choices necessary to build traction, maintain their reserves and position themselves for longer term growth.


*   Customer Research and Value Proposition testing to confirm that
your product is well-positioned to capture customers and profits.

*   Proven, Return-On-Investment Marketing tools/programs for your budget.

*   Experienced, Bench-Strength to Quickly, Build Market Credibility.

*   Engage and amass more customers via multiple outreaches.


Common Characteristics of this Stage

Start-Up Stage companies are up and running with a few customers and often have outside investment backing, but are challenged by limited resources.