Investors and Business Advisors

Delivering Business Turnaround and Revenue Growth

With Private Equity and Venture Capital Backed Companies.


We know from experience what it takes to invest in a company and are used to meeting aggressive timelines. We’ve helped entrepreneurs ready their business plans for early and later stage capital infusion and in worked in the front-lines of  private-equity backed firms. In either case speed and accuracy, as well as, creativity and scrappy know-how, are critical for business results.Business Investor and Advisor


We partner with portfolio companies and their respective investors, financial advisors, turnaround advisors and attorneys to complement existing resources and suggest new ways forward. With a turnaround firm, we can add the outside-in, “market eye,” to understanding stated revenue projections or do a deep dive on product/customer revenue streams to recommend and effect changes fast. With a venture capital or private equity firm, we can add our marketing expertise and know-how to help formalize a needed, next generation, marketing structure or test in to help execute a delayed, product launch.


Within this eco-system our expertise is focused upon:


Market Revenue Growth

  • Sales & Marketing Effectiveness
  • Marketing Plan Development and Return on Investment
  • Corporate & Competitive Strategy
  • Global/Geographic Strategy
  • Growth Options
  • Channel Strategy, Selection & Optimization
  • Product/Brand Management
  • Product Development & Innovation
  • Market Segmentation & Pricing Strategies
  • Customer Engagement & Communications Messaging
  • Partner Strategy/Due Diligence


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