Our Ideal Client Profile

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Helping Your Business Leap Forward.

An Ideal Client for us is a business challenged with a complex problem. That could be a problem around stalled growth or EBITA, or need for more access to intelligence around changes in the market to help better guide a new course, strategy. It could be a client that wants to find an acquisition or distribution partner or needs help integrating an acquisition into their existing business. It could  be a company that needs help figuring out how best to scale and grow their business despite constrained resources.  It could be a client that is already successful, but needs help in initiating a more advanced account management model or client retention strategy to help nurture, grow and protect existing relationships.  We are also commonly called upon to help launch a new service or help differentiate or re-position a brand in in order to gain more sales traction and market credibility.

The key thing we seek is a committed partner, who is able and willing to provide time, budget and access necessary to internal people and information needed to best understand and solve their problem. We are experienced in seeking help and asking the right and necessary questions. We don’t interrupt your ongoing operation. The ideal partner wants a strategic mentor that they can trust to think through their problems and have the integrity to recommend and do the right thing to help improve their business.

We work best with senior executives who have a bias towards fact-based strategies, action and results. We enjoy most working with visionary leaders who are dissatisfied with the status-quo and are open to tapping us for new ideas around how to get from here to there.

The ideal client wants our help in managing the details and progress around solving strategic challenges, so that they can stay focused on managing their day to day operation. For us an ideal client is someone we care and worry about often and commit considerable time and value to to earn an investment from them in the form of a monthly retainer arrangement.

Please review more about us or give us a call to see if this matches what you want or sounds worthwhile to have an in person discussion with us to explore in detail how we can potentially address your specific needs.

Target Company Characteristics
Knowledge-Based industries:
  • Information technology& Services
  • Financial Services
  • Business& Professional Services
  • Internet, Marketing & Digital Media
  • Health Care
Solid Revenue Base
Over $ 10 million
Capital Efficiency
  1. At break-even or nearing profitability.
  2. Facing slow erosion in performance, with EBITDA margins dropping.
  3. Highly efficient, seeking new ways to create and convey value to the marketplace.
Management Team Businesses with strong operating teams or desire to put the right people/processes in place to create better returns.