What People Are Saying

Creative Problem-Solving with Transformational Business Results

We started our careers in operations, client satisfaction and new product development.
We grasp complex things quickly and help focus efforts on what’s most important – adding client value.

“You definitely succeed at managing the most gnarly, difficult projects.

Deputy to the Chairman of a leading, global management consultancy.[/box]

[learn_more caption=”Click here to learn more”]“Your ideas are not just creative, they are truly “out of the box, amazing.”

Head of Small Business Performance Management, for 500 branch banking system.

“Great Job. You add so much PIZAZZ to our organization – we will no doubt look back and say that we turned the corner thanks to you.” Founder of an over 10,000 member professional services association, that was struggling through recent economic downturn.

“Thank you. We honestly couldn’t have gotten to where we are today without your vision, organizational skills and push.” Co-Chapter Leader, same organization.

[one_fourth_last Collection of Thoughts

Beyond the Media Buzz, Clutter. Customer-Driven Strategies.

We believe that form follows function and recognize the importance of human sensory experience and value trade offs. We are like anthropologists, we observe and listen to your clients and their customers before recommending change. Then work with your organization to help create better value propositions, messaging, thought leadership, and market outreach programs to engage, evoke value and deliver new revenue.
[box] “You offer a kind of marketing that we haven’t had before. You add real value. You really dig deeply into the numbers, provide customer insight, and understand the industry we are in. We like that – it helps us add focus to our sales and development efforts.”

Senior Vice President, Product Development, Global Software Company. [/box]


Global Experience. Personalized Solutions

Our insights are based upon experience in working with over 50 start-up to global enterprises.  We are avid learners and sharers of knowledge. As such, we can readily understand and context the uniqueness of your company to the build of a custom growth plan by: market, product, customer or business segment.

[box]  Your marketing know-how, knowledge and resourcefulness certainly gave us a terrific blueprint and pricing strategy for commercializing our new business.”

Executive Director, at a leading, global investment bank.[/box]

Kinetic Client Energy and Partnership

We not only collaborate closely across your organization to integrate and build more effective and valued products and solutions, but also externally to deepen customer relationships.

[box] “Wow, I’ve been to several of these client conferences and this one was distinctly different.  It’s clear that you are really trying to connect to our needs and priorities.  I look forward to continuing this candid and open exchange and building a tighter strategic partnership with your firm. “

Head of Advisory Solutions at a leading regional brokerage firm.[/box]


Integrity and Objectivity.

We are straight forward, honest and to the point. No double-talk or games.

[box] “ We asked them to help evaluate an acquisition candidate. They not only told us why we shouldn’t buy that particular company, but in fact, found an even better one for us; a firm with a proven track record, solid reputation and more robust revenue stream that matched our objectives.“

CFO, at a leading global bank. [/box]

Sense of Humor: The Fun Factor

Well…We’ll just have to meet in person and do a test drive.