Revitalizing Call Center to Better Serve High Potential Customers

Customer Experience   –  Channel Development & Optimization


Executive Summary

Business turnaround of under performing outbound call center and creation of industry benchmarking service to sales channel.


Client: Small Business Banking Arm of A Global Commercial Bank

Business Challenge

With less than 80 outbound and inbound telephone sales representatives to serve 230,000 customers challenged to re-engineer under performing channel and motivate growth.



  • Call Center wanted to feel a part of customer strategy and ownership to growth. Incentives were  single most point of concern.
  • Service to Sales build out required simple process and resource with Six Sigma process development background to drive growth and unearth and remedy process improvements.



  • Put six sigma trained, engineer in charge of service to sales channel to transform scattered marketing/sales focus to one that emphasized a stronger process/operational approach with results management.
  • Provided sales training and targeted sales offers with close line of sight performance measurement and improvement by a dedicated marketing  manager.
  • Re- organized individual and group performance and incentives to align to business goals.



  •       Introduced Bank’s first service-to-sales channel, leveraging   underutilized, call representatives.
  •       Intentionally “touched” best customers (top 25% wallet/growth   propensity) to grow business.

Results included:

  • Grew segment’s assets under management by $1B
  • Reduced attrition of best 25% customers by 75%.
  • Results from this new channel superceded all others:
    • Delivered highest performing pitch/$ closed sale results.
    • Qualified 25% of customer base to movement up to higher prestige, relationship tier.
    • Exceeded 1st year goals by 30%.
  • This successful customer experience and channel development  program was featured in a leading banking and finance industry publication.