Integrated, Cross-Functional Strategic Planning

Executive Summary

Designed and facilitated new cross-functional corporate strategic planning framework that aligned resources and investment towards unprecedented growth and profitability.

Client: Global Professional Services Firm

Business Challenge

Eleven newly formed industry-focused strategic business units’ required results oriented leadership, planning and performance evaluation.


Existing planning process was disjoint and inconsistent at the regional level, posing difficulties for managing partner to drive market growth and manage profitability. With an existing national practice planning/reporting structure in place understood needed to develop simple, engaging process that attained regional as well as, national priorities.


  • Inventoried current annual reporting streams/plans to note areas for overlap, point of necessary difference.
  • Designed template, gained feed back from two SBU leaders.
  • Leveraged staff to provide fill in for externally sourced competitive information and internal MIS to save billable time.
  • Led annual strategic planning process and participated in presentations to executive committee.
  • Designed innovative one-page state of the business report highlighting retention and growth indicators/status.
  • Provided updates at monthly partner management meetings and monitored improvements.



  • Annual business development results were clearly owned and assigned at the region/SBU and individual levels.
  • Provided staff with a commonly understood, merit based performance evaluation and mentoring system with a team based business development approach.
  • Core competencies of individuals and growth pockets like manufacturing and distribution were capitalized upon.
  • Strategic changes and executive buy-in directly contributed to Group’s movement to Firms’#1 in growth, # 2 profit ranking.
  • Annual strategic planning program was presented in its entirely to CEO who recommended it as a model for other offices/regions.