Creating a High Performance Lead Generation Program.

 Executive Summary


Creation of a High Performance Lead Generation Program and Visual,  Dynamic Market Penetration Map.

Client: Enterprise software and IT solutions firm


Business Challenge

Presented with challenge to quickly understand and create growth in a mature market with modest sales force, national market to cover, and disjoint set of software solutions.


Delved deeper into the critical needs of business line and sales leadership and saw an opportunity to uniquely solve three critical problems at the same time:

 • Nurture and qualify leads.

 • Gather detailed market intelligence at the prospect and various segment levels.


 • Proposed a solution plan to president and sales leadership for qualifying needs, pinpointing growthand creating a pipeline.

Developed business specific client need/buying behavior diagnostic, recruited/trained third-party firm on qualification process.

Enhanced on demand automated sales funnel/profile capture, leveraging existing SaaS software.

– Provided process and flow through of weekly leads, to sales with call report, areas of interest specified by reached CEOs and CIOs and best time for agreed to follow up call.

 • Market opportunity map. For each prospect reached documented areas of high, low, no interestacross span of twelve work flow areas to gather statistics by geography, market, customer and product purchase propensity.

Presented comprehensive executive summary project report to heads of sales and business line presidents to summarize progress and next steps.


 • Accelerated sales pipeline flow and improved management/communication process. • Electronically transferred $ 13 million in CEO qualified leads, in matter of months.

• Provided management with decision-making information needed to leverage sales force more effectively – by providing a market opportunity/penetration map.

• Provided line presidents and sales management with information for upcoming business plan justification of sales forecasts and quotas after reaching and qualifying needs of a statistically significant proportion of the marketplace.

This new process was emulated and adopted by other divisions of this leading global software firm.