Building A New Sales Channel, From zero to 500 store locations.

Executive Summary

Analyzed sales compensation and incentive plan, re-purposed sales automation and lead capture system and convinced management overseeing 500 store branch system to open new channel and increase outbound touch to small business customers, nationally (see tools created, below).

Client: Small Business Banking Arm of Global Commercial Bank.

Business Challenge

With aggressive revenue goals and only 12 telemarketers to sell to over 220,000 customers needed to be creative and find alternative sales channel(s) without adding additional headcount.


• Recognized that branch personnel and regional sales management were goaled to bring in sales from multiple customer segments, sharing same objective as my segment marketing team.
• Realized, capitalized and communicated to branches that they could reach their goals faster with our segment’s higher profit margin value leads.


• Analyzed technology capabilities and identified and negotiated Siebel customization requirements with technology team to transform and alternatively route sales leads to non directly managed, personnel in 500 branches located across the U.S.
• Fleshed out idea and prepared program business case and process.
• Pitched program idea level by level up to senior branch management. see: Branch pitch
• Established pilot branch and small business executive sponsors in Texas
• Reduced existing Siebel sales training program from 22 to 2 simple pages. see: Quick  training
• Created web site for training, resource information to support branch personnel. see: Web-site
• Designed banker feedback research survey to improve lead/offer value. see: Branch survey
• Delivered and resourced hands-on branch and regional training road shows.


• Successful Texas pilot created buy-in and peer-competitive demand for program in other regions around the country.
• Results of program contributed to over $ 30 million in new revenue over period of 12 months. See sample: Pilot CRM results

Branch Pitch

Branch Survey

Quick Training

Pilot CRM Results

Web Site