Operating Model

Ready A Scalable Operating Model

Integrating Marketing, Sales and Operations

We’ve written business plans for large, global businesses, reviewed hundreds of start-up plans, taught business planning for the Small Business Administration and coached entrepreneurs on their business pitches to venture capital and private equity firms.

We can help create a powerful story and also help you work through the finer details that tend to make or break success:

  • People and processes needed to produce your product.
  • Current and variable component costs.
  • Explaining what presently is ready for sale, isn’t.
  • Customer acquisition and ramp-up.Operating Plan

Our Capabilities Include:

  • Business Commercialization Plan Development.
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Strategic Planning Facilitation/Programming
  • Demand Forecasts : Channel Sources & Pricing

Collaboration and Communication, that’s the kind of help we need.  Everyone singing from the same hymnal.

CEO, of newly combined $ 400 million business

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