Mature/Established Stage

Solving Mature Business Challenges:

Extend Value:

  • Provide ongoing/ad hoc competitive and market intelligence solutions.
  • Introduce formal Customer Satisfaction/Monitoring solutions.
  • Customer Loyalty Programs.
  • Analyze Marketing & Sales Effectiveness.
  • Sales Channel Optimization.
  • Build out of Brand Equity and intangible assets to secure market “top of mind,” and engage organizational stickiness.
  • Partner with IT and Finance teams to distill best internal and external options for growth and cost-savings.

Common Characteristics of this Stage

At this stage we find that many of these companies are beginning to face an unforeseen set of competitors and need a fresh perspective to navigate through a new or turbulent ecosystem.  Our established/mature stage companies typically call upon us to help solve a variety of revenue and profitability challenges.

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