Strategic Customer Management

Creating and Communicating Customer Value

Customer Affinity™

Strategic Customer Management

We call our four step process, Growth Catalytics/ Customer Affinity.™

We provide value across the life cycle of your customer relationship: awareness, to testing, to purchase, to usage, satisfaction, to referral, to co-innovation and increased relationship value. Our emphasis is upon using data analytics and customer insights versus guesswork to guide how to consistently market to the best customers with the right product, with the right channels at the right time.


Capturing voice and behavior of the customer: how, when, what they use to accomplish various tasks/goals, doing market segmentation, competitive/market opportunity analysis to distill most important features, elements and experiences sought by set of customers. See more in Customer Insights.


Framing the life cycle of a client relationship and mapping desired solutions and experience along that continuum, creating offer and value proposition(s), testing and turning concepts to prototypes to market realities, Establishing competitive pricing and differentiation for various segments.


Graduated plan and measurable movement of universe of prospects through client life cycle. We accomplish this by creating and connecting of relevant messaging and communication strategies that include: branding, thought leadership, integrated marketing communications, thought leadership, media/analyst relations, social media, field marketing etc. depending upon situation.


Here we apply more data analytics and performance measurement to make sure you are focusing on the most profitable customers, and building customer advocates and influencers that help further grow and innovate your business. Loyalty programs, key account prospecting, cross-selling and planning programs, client councils, communities and advisory boards, solution quality/monitoring are among the initiatives we can deploy to help tighten and deepen the “stickiness,” of your relationships with customers.